Corporate Social Responsibility

Helping Hand

Our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program, driven through GreenPenn Rise Helping Hands Initiatives, advances our mission to Educate, Empower, and Enrich lesser privileged communities as we work to make a difference around the world. We believe the future of a nation must be built on the strong foundation of education. As a result, CSR at GreenPenn revolves around co-creating with the community to offer quality education to the young and underprivileged.

Backed by the senior leadership at GreenPenn, We helps employees and clients channel their passion for community service into a concrete platform for change and hope. Greenpenn Helping Hands is an example of how we are constantly finding ways to collaborate and co-create with all of our stakeholders. Our program reflects the GreenPenn core values of learning and sharing knowledge, our focus on co-creation, and our drive towards excellence in everything we do. It’s a tangible example of a work environment that encourages passion and innovation.

Giving Back
To Society.

GreenPenn Helping hands extended support to Orphanage in Pune, KEM Hospital by donating cash collected by GreenPenn Group Employees. We believe in well being of children. They deserve better future.
Helping Hands initiatives extended support to homeless people in Pune, GreenPenn distributed food and cloths to aged, ladies and children. We tried our bit to make them smile.
GreenPenn Helping Hands sponsored a hostel for blinds. We helped them filled with ration of 3 months and extended support to blind students in writing their exams.
Helping hands made sure Pune labours get the right attention by distributing sanitisers, masks and educating them about COVID 19.


Supported and Motivated Underprivileged Community.


Participate and Engagement Rate in Organization.

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